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Top Five Ad Network List

Top Five Ad Network List

Top Five Ad Network List To Monetize Your Website :

Hi, viewers today I am going to share my own experience I hope this article is most helpful for all visitors especially beginners who want to monetize their website. My all posts and articles especially for beginners because I wish they become best online earner by reading and implementing my articles. Here I’ll introduce top ad networks. I think all the beginners come without budget or money and they want to learn and earn from internet. In this post I am trying to show you best ad networks for advertisers.

Top Five Ad Network List

As you know in my previous post I give a complete step by step guide to make a website and make money from internet. And this article is more beneficial for every beginner how to want to make money from internet. Who read my article he is able to make a website easily after the website the other step or aim is to make money from by doing work. Many peoples get to start with Google Adsense but they fail. The reason is that the rules or aggregate of Google Adsense is quite strict for giving approval especially for beginners because the can’t understand and follow the Google Adsense policies or they don’t follow the rules of Google Adsense and they hurt from internet earning. Therefore they leave their work which is based on online internet marketing. You can check best ad networks for small publishers and also check best ad networks 2017 below in the post.

Now there is no need to worry about that because am presenting ad network list which contains top five ad network list. If Google Adsense can’t give you the approval website monetize or blog monetize then you can apply and get approval from different top five ad network. Before showing ad network list first I explain what is website monetize and what is ad network and how you get paid by website ad given by ad networks.

what is website monetization?

After creating a website you want to earn from internet net thus the process of converting website traffic into revenue is called website monetization. If I explain this in simple words then it is better to say that putting ad on your website and get paid by ad network companies is called website monetization. Mostly CPC(cost-per-click ) and CPM(cost-per-impression) is used for website monetization.

Top Five Ad Network List

What is Ad Network Companies or Top Five Ad Network List?

Ad network companies are in simple words is the Internet marketing or E-Commerce in which different Companies or brands put their ads on different websites and advertise their brands or products. And here the website holder gives place to Ad network companies or ad network list which holds different ad networks to put their ads. After putting ad network list advertisers ads on a website they get paid or make money for the sake of CPC(cost-per-click) and CPM(cost-per-impression). In other words, they get paid at every click on an advertisement and every impression on an advertisement.

What is CPC?

The word CPC is the abbreviation of Cost per click means at every click on an advertisement which you put on your website you will get paid by Ad network list advertisers.

What is CPM?

The word CPM is the abbreviation of Cost per thousand impressions means you will get paid at every thousand impressions on your website.

In website monetization, there is no need to buy or sell products, services given by different advertising companies. There is only internet marketing you will advertise their brands, products, and services by your website and they will pay you in CPC(cost-per-click) and CPM(cost-per-thousand-impressions)  form. It is so easy and interesting you can make money from home without having a job or your own business.

How To Choose Ad Network from Top Five Ad Network List :

Before joining an Ad network you need to study the different ad networks. You need to study Ad network plans how they pay for CPC(cost-per-click) and CPM(cost-per-thousand-impressions). After study the different ad network you should choose that ad network which gives you best revenue at CPC(cost-per-click) and CPM(cost-per-impression). Which ad network gives a large amount of revenue choose that.

Here we go.

Ad Network

Top Five Ad Network list updated:

From here there are given below top five ad network list for publisher and advertiser.


Revenue hits.



PPI Ads.


CAP ad network.

Now am going to explain one by one here we go.


Adsense is a Google product or ad network which is famous and top-rated still when Google launched AdSense.

The quality of ads is very awesome and show ads related to your content. If you have a business then, you can make Adwords account and create a campaign on google adsense and run ads about your company. Of if you have a website having good traffic and want to earn online money then this is nice network earing from content. Remember getting adsesne account is not easy. You have a good conent website which launched according to google guideline then you can take adsense account.


This is very amazing ad company who provide you CAP base ads and the revenu is collected on the basis of  CPM. This is measurement technique which tell where your ads get positive response where this ads have demand. This ad network provide you ads for your Videos, Gaming and Content based website. The rate of this ads network really awesome and it is one of my favorite ad network.


They are very old and very famous ad network just because. There ads show on your content. Example if you have an article then, the ads will be display on your content keyword look like anchor text. If you have huge traffic on your website then, you can make lot of money.


This is an other type of ads. When, you will place ad tag code anywhere into your website of any popup ads network. When a user come on  your website anywhere in the world and click on anywhere on your site then a popup will appear having some advertisement. So you can generate good amount with popup network. And this is my 2nd favorite ads network.

PPI Ads network:

There is an other type of ad which provide some ads code which are working on your site having with download button. When,  user come on your site and click on download button then, a file download into your pc. User thing which file am wanna going to be downloaded that is it. So he/she install into pc but this is not a actual software which he wanna download. Behind PPI ads there are too many other ads and application downloading links are assembled which are install background on PC where this ads are downloaded.


This is an other ad network.Which provide you text ads as look like a anchor text so when a user click on it then, user shift on new page which have other any types of information. These ads are similar to Infolinks. So if you have website having with nice content and large article then you can get media.net account. Generate ads and place ad to you website and start earning.

So these are favorite and best ad networks for bloggers. If you want to earning google money then, get one of the ad network account and start making money at home.

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