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free social bookmarking submission sites list

Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO 2018

Top 30 Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO 2018

Hi, guy today I’ am here to tell you about the Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO, where you can rank your websites or a YouTube channel, social bookmarking of is the best way to rank the web 2.0 sites and give them a tagging and SEO to the websites and  YouTube channel. free social bookmarking sites list with high pr are the best way to create accounts to reach the SEO means to search engine optimization , the purpose of making social bookmarking is to reach help the people to reach their product in just one click, when you search the specific topic on the google, the google give you the best way to reach the specific topics. Here is free social bookmarking submission sites list in my article. Before Applying this social bookmarking websites 2018 you should first search and follow the free social bookmarking sites list 2017 for your website especially.

free social bookmarking submission sites list

Way to use Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO

If you do not know how to use the social bookmarking list or how to use Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO to rank your website then there is no need to worry it is so simply not a rocket science only the steps which are mention. You can find 1000 social bookmarking sites list on the Internet. To use new social bookmarking sites list on the internet, the easiest way is given below:

  1. Create your accounts on social bookmarking with a strong password and your image and give your website URL.
  2. Do not make any account on the same website.
  3. To add Bookmarking tools to your browser, to share your website link to the other people.
  4. Submit your post URL, and give some description about your post, by this you can promote your post.


Advantage Of Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO

When you create a website the other thing which you and everyone want is to rank your website and grab a lot of traffic to your website so that you can make money easily by joining any of ad networks. You can check Top Five Ad Network List website post if you want to join an Ad network for making money.

You want to drive a lot of traffic which is possible from Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO. You can increase your website page authority and domain authority by creating the social profiles and doing activities on these websites. There is a lot of top social bookmarking sites advantage and benefits, that’s help a lot to those people who work on the website and another site, to rank your site in the search engine on the first page.

  1. When you submit your post URL on the site, it is important to submit your post URL on the Google index like (google, yahoo, Bing )
  2. To get more traffic on your website, you want to create a lot of social bookmarking to improve Alexa Rank.


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Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO 2018

In this table there is mixture of high pr social bookmarking sites 2016 and 2017, 2018.

ocial Bookmarking Sites List For SEO Page rank


Alexa rank Total Visiters
Google+ 9 343 432M
Pinterest.com  9 52 878.65M
Xing.com 9 782 23.14M
Facebook.com 9 3 26.53B
Linkedin.com 9 16 875M
Reddit.com 8 24 1.56B
Stumbleupon.coM 8 821 15.53M
Del.icio.us 8 5241 2.29M
Citeulike.org 8 27,153 315.78K
Examiner.com 8 25,315 9.78M
Digg.com 7 1,415 17.68M
Fark.com 7 5,134 11.65M
Scoop.it 7 1,606 7.52M
Slashdot.org 7 4,281 13.90M
Bibsonomy.org 7 14,504 336.65K
www.Newsvine.com 7 53,8 91K
www.Technorati.com 7 63,2 51K
www.Linkarena.com 7 53,8 91K
www.Scoop.co.nz 7 81,213 572.11K
www.Segnalo.virgilio.it 6 2,152 2,152
Metafilter.com 6 5,467 16.43
Dzone.com 6 4,534 6.23M
www.Pearltrees.com 6 66 2.78M
Folkd.com 6 7,564 534.78K
www.WWWhatsnew.com 6 11,134             2.39M
www.Xmarks.com 6 18,680             2.40M
www.Svejo.net                         6 149,482             58.20K
www.Icio.de 6 315,735 14K
www.Ebaumsworld.com 5 4,184 11.61M
www.Myus.com 5 8,624 2.19M
www.Twicsy.com 5 13,257 2.69M
www.Pinboard.in 5 30,713             1.20M
www.Snapnames.com 5 57,394 189.67K
www.Bizsugar.com 5 37,196 126.89K
www.Blogmarks.net 5 69,390             50.19K
www.It.toolbox.com 5 35,659 646.58K
www.Designbump.com 5 63,597             275.72K
www.Diggita.it                         5 61,351 256.32K
www.Netvouz.com 5 118,830             49.10K
www.Pusha.se 5 164,779             37.64K
www.Youmob.com 4 13,461             436K
www.Dealigg.com 4 38,703             1.28M
www.Popscreen.com 4 19,558 16.20K
www.Jodohkita.info 4 38,751             86.25K
www.1Look4.com 4 32,944 42.50K
www.Beritagar.id 4 43,809             625.25K
www.Linkagogo.com 4 59,041             44.59K
Registertovotetoday 4 51,065             66.23K
www.Blogengage.com 4 57,513             64.75K
www.1888Pressrelease.com 4             72,846 51.19K


www.Wirefan.com 4 63,125             41.67K


www.Myhq.com 4 167,764             74.35K
www.Freelink.org 4 228,329             8.45K


www.Haohaoreport.com 4 507,644 6.45k


www.Linkroll.com 4 211,471 24.42K
www.Colivia.de 4 147,658 25.87K
www.A1-webmarks.com 4 131,952 24.11K
www.Blogospherenews.com 4 532,651 25.31K
WW2.ikeepbookmarks.com 4 128,555 114.35K
www.Linkatopia.com 4 256,246 8.1K
www.Spletarna.net 4 267,182 8K


 Top Four Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO

If we talk about top four Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO which has a lot of daily unique visitors, Alexa rank and fame in the world of SEO then at that time I only recommend the name of websites which i describe below with all of these details.


Alexa rank = 23    Site URL = www.reddit.com

Social Bookmarking Sites List For SEO

Reddit is a new and famous website where you only the member of the Reddit communities are post direct link of the post or text or images or write about the product .it is the easiest way to online your product on the entire world or live your video on the internet only the member of the reddit are only post link or text on the reddit , reddit is the best of popular way to get traffic for your cannel or website in a couple of days, by the help of reddit you can get more traffic on the  internet that makes you the best on the internet communities and popular .

Stumble upon

Alexa rank = 821    Site URL = www.stumbleupon.com

Sites List For SEO

Stumble upon was created by Garrett Camp, Justin LaFrance, Geoff Smith and Eric Boyd Garrett’s in November 2002. Stumble upon is the best way to find the recommended way to their web user. Stumble upon extension is also available on the google croon extension that helps the user to submit their post on the stumble upon accounts, it is also available in the Firefox or wins icon or mac book.


Alexa rank = 35    Site URL = www.pinterest.com

 Social Bookmarking Sites

Pinterest.com was developed by Evan Sharp, Paul Sciarra, and Ben Silbermann in March 2010.Pinterest platform is a best way to save your pic or images on the Pinterest accounts, to post on the Pinterest accounts an way to create a pinboard about your related topic or on the left side there is an icon of + you can add your website address and the pin all you post on the Pinterest board ,  this the easiest way to promote your channel our website authority in a couple of day and then make money with that accounts ,all copyrights are reserved and don’t deny them on Pinterest.


Alexa rank = 43    Site URL = www.tumblr.com

Social Bookmarking Sites List

Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website developed by David Karp in 2007 and owned by Yahoo in 2013. Tumblr is another account where you can post all or your website or channel post free and get traffic, that’s make your channel or website in ranking or on the Alexa rank, As of January 2017, the website had 533 million monthly visitors. Company headquarters is in New York City.

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