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Make Money With YouTube

Make Money With YouTube Beginner Tips

Secret Tips To Make Money With YouTube

Hi guys! Today I want to give you tips to make money with YouTube. Because a fresher always looks for how to earn money from youtube views. We learn that how we make money online and earn thousands of dollars at home. There are only four tips by which you can easily make money with YouTube. But before starting these tips and tricks we need to know why YouTube gives us money for the sake of uploading videos. You can earn from youtube only by watching a video of how to earn money from youtube without adsense which tells you can use other networks for youtube. If you really wants to make money here then do not think about how much money from youtube only start work.

Make Money With YouTube

Why YouTube gives money

In these day lot of youtube users watch videos on youtube for entertainment, educational, and many others purposes which they need, only they go to youtube.com and search their videos. Therefore millions of users watch videos only in a day by seeing this phenomenon different businessmen and different brand holders decided that they will advertise their business or brands by youtube videos so they give their ads to youtube. Because youtube is a biggest social network he advertises these ads by different youtube channels videos and charge money from advertisers and gives money to youtube channels owners as per viewer and per click.

As you read the above paragraph I clear that why YouTube gives money to YouTube channel owners so, we should to start work on YouTube and make money with YouTube biggest social network at home. This is the latest post which shows how to make money on youtube 2018 by youtube monetization. Let’s start with 10 tips.

Step 1: Create a Channel On YouTube

First of all, you need to make your channel on YouTube for showing your existence on YouTube.

How to Create a YouTube Channel and make money with Youtube

No need to worry its simple to create a youtube channel check the steps below these steps helps you to make a youtube channel.

  • Sign in to youtube by giving your google account.
  • Go to my channel here you will see a new window to make your channel.
  • Put a keyword which helps other to find your channel.
  • Your keyword must have a lot of search volume and high CPC.
  • Add profile and cover photo.


How to Create a YouTube Channel

Step 2: Add your content or videos

In next step, I will show you how to add content to your youtube channel. So, are you ready to going and doing this next step? OH yeah, Am ready, So, first of all, you need to decide what kinds of content want to be uploading “In this content mean Uploading Videos”. So, always upload your own video which may be on different topic, like, on any products reviews, gameplay and any other thing in which you are expert or you can describe briefly and easily. So, create a video in HD on your desired topic and edit your video and remove all those unwanted clicks which are recorded by mistake. And also mention each and every mouse click on your video which Red Circle. After creating a stunning video, The next step is to rendering Video. Oh Sorry I have not tell you which things will be used for recording HD Video, So, You can be used your Own Mobile Cam and record video. If you are recording reviews on PC, or into any software or game installing then, you need to any top listed Screen Recording Software, My favorite software is Camtasia Studio, Ulead Video Studio, and Apowersoft Screen Recorder. These are software are paid. But you can download this software from my suggested website that will be given into here. After downloading, you will be installed and used it for recording Vide. Now come to our topic where we have stopped. We stopped our topic on uploading video. So, after uploading video, The next step on doing SEO of your Video, I mean you will create an attractive Title, Description, Tags, Terminal, and monetization of your Video Setting.

As well as if you have recorded your Video into English then, you can enable CC of you vide that will help to those people who don’t know English or another language. It helps to understand video for getting a better solution. So here we go. Our Video Uploading Steps is closed. Oh, mean Finished. After doing these step the next step to generating Traffic from Google. I mean you will do Offline page SEO for your video. For Video SEO, you need to read next step.

Step 3: How To Get More Views On YouTube Videos

After making your youtube channel and adding content or videos on youtube channel there is need to get millions of views for making money on youtube so, you should create social profiles on different social networks which grabs many views for your videos. This is very simple only go to my suggested social networks and create your profile and share videos on these networks for grabbing views my suggested networks are Google plus, facebook, twitter, Instagram, snap chat, tumbler, StumbleUpon, vk, myspace, and skyrocks. Only make profiles which shows your channel identity on these social networks. After creating profiles on these networks share your uploaded videos on these platforms for grabbing millions of views. If you want to share your videos on other many social networks then you can I’ll help you because I also give you the huge list of social networks where you can share your videos and grabs more and more views on your youtube channel videos and make money on youtube.

Step 4: Monetize Your YouTube Videos

In this 4th and final step, only thing by which you can make money on youtube videos is monetization.

Monetize Your YouTube Videos

What is Monetization and How To Monetize Your YouTube Channel

Monetization is a process of getting an approval from youtube team to for advertising the ads given by different advertisers and make money by this.

This is very simple only go to my channel then go to video manager and then go to channel on left sidebar of the youtube then enable the monetization and attach your google Adsense account if you have otherwise created new google Adsense account after this youtube team review your channel and in only 24-48 hours they will approve your application and now you can monetize your videos.

You can learn more earning tips and also make money on YouTube in my next post. I hope all of you enjoy my post, give me your suggestion and posts which you need for earning in a comment box.

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