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Make Money Using Facebook

Make Money Using Facebook $100 Per day

Make Money Using Facebook 

Today we learn about Facebook videos monetization and how to earn money from Facebook ads. We all use facebook for a long time to interact with our friends and family only we don’t we can make money on Facebook by monetizing our videos and our facebook pages. Here is a complete post which tells you how to make money with Facebook ads.  Let’s start to know that can we make money using facebook.

Complete Guide to Make Money Using Facebook $100 a day: 

Although there are many ways to make money from facebook at which I’ll write latter like, how to earn money from facebook pages, how to make money on facebook application and many others.

How To Monetize Facebook Videos :

We upload videos on facebook for fun, our video uploading gives lots of increment of a user to facebook. But facebook doesn’t give us any amount for helping of increasing their users. But now we can earn from facebook. You can also make money with facebook likes and earn money from facebook account.

Facebook decided that to monetize the videos which are uploaded by users means on every videos that is uploaded on facebook get adds for make money using facebook more the users watch their videos more the brand or product advertise and videos publisher get a good amount of money from facebook which is given by other brands or company which ask facebook to advertise their brands and products. It is a good news for facebook videos publisher they earn money by uploading and monetizing videos on facebook.

make money facebook videos,

Plan On How to Earn Money From Facebook Ads by Videos Monetization:

In this portion, we learn a complete plan for video monetization on facebook and make money on facebook. The Facebook team decided to divide or split the facebook videos monetization earned amount with facebook videos publishers, facebook divide uploaded facebook videos in this way fifty five percent 55% of earn amount gives to facebook video publisher and forty-five percent of amount to Facebook which gives you a better platform to earn money only by uploading a video on facebook. But initially this project is in “a few dozen” partners like Tastemade, NBA, Hearst, funny or Die, and fox sport.

All the partners said to facebook if they make money on facebook by monetizing their Facebook videos they will increase the number of videos uploading for making much more money on Facebook.

Although facebook videos monetization is more difficult than youtube because facebook videos are autoplay videos and video watch is on the base of the sound button but facebook team promise that they will improve the earning and ads method on facebook videos to reduce the difficulty of videos monetization.

get paid to post ads on facebook

Facebook videos improvements are that now when a user watches the video on facebook then he will see black background and by this, he will also see the suggested videos on that interface for watching videos afterward. After some videos watching the user will watch an ad this ad is not in attach with a piece of a content ad is like a proper TV commercial ad. Only the option of ad on facebook uploaded videos is that it is with videos sound button and facebook video watcher already watching the video with the sound. Facebook will divide the revenue earned by videos watches in a single session is exactly estimated by this formula like if you watch a video funny or Die and four-minute video of fox sport then you will get fifty-five percent 55% amount from funny or Die ad revenue and fourth fifty of Fox sport.

The suggested videos of IOS user start from small part but It will increase a large number of users on Facebook, seeing this improvement of users by suggested videos of Products of IOS users the Rose vice president of partnerships at Facebook says that he get the best experience with these suggested videos. Facebook don’t think how much money he invests on facebook videos monetization and how the money is wasting on this project but he thinks that this project is on the success road now the advertisers buy the videos for their brand’s advertisements instead of their traditional ads of photos. In these days many of industries are interested in video ads especially mobile videos and these videos ads is the biggest factor in improving the Facebook users.

Facebook deals nowadays to host HBO to show, facebook force them to make short-term videos.Facebook first deals with “warner brothers in 2011” Facebook use short bite session videos. Before the facebook videos monetization, the Facebook pages helpful to increase facebook users and grab a lot of traffic on Facebook.

In this project of videos monetization, Facebook faces many challenges because he fights with many another platform which offers a lot of amounts their videos publishers. Youtube is the biggest competitor of facebook because gives a lot of money to the videos publishers on Facebook for the sake of video ads. All these facebook competitors platforms offer bonuses, much prizes, and gifts to their publisher for publishing their videos on their platforms.

Only the biggest fall in facebook is that it not have any algorithm or tools for detecting the copyright issue rather than other competitors which had best algorithms to detect copyright issue but some of the company promise to facebook they will help and gives these type of services to Facebook. This is a big fall on facebook because one person upload a video on facebook and he gets 23 million views but the original publisher upload his own video he gets less than 2 two million views.

After solving this problem of copyright facebook will introduce all these features to all of the users to monetize their videos and displaying ads on their videos to make money on facebook. So, guys ready to upload, monetize their videos on Facebook and earn money on facebook.you can easily earn and make money on facebook only gives your quality videos on facebook if you don’t want to work on your own business videos then the other option of  how to earn money from Facebook ads is that you become an advertiser on facebook you should make the advertising videos of specific brand or company for advertising their brand or company by this easy method of how to earn money from Facebook ads.

I hope you enjoy my post in next post lot of tips on how to earn money from Facebook ads. In next posts, I’ll post on make money posting ads for companies. For more helpful article comment below.

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