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types of link building

Link Building techniques For 2018

How To Create Backlinks For My Website In 2018

Every blogger has one question in his mind that how to rank by link building techniques and drive traffic to my website. Another thing as you know every year the link building techniques were changed by Google. Therefore every blogger makes new policies to rank his website. For making the strategy of link building he read the articles of many successful bloggers like Neil Patel, Branden, and many others. But there is no need to worry because the website best ideas to make money share a full helpful article on link building strategy by which you can rank your website. Here I also show you link building techniques 2017 for a better rank.

types of link building

Link building techniques 2018 Here. This article follows the complete rules and regulation of SEO and many search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Entireweb. I always suggest you before doing this task first need to know what is link building. If you want to rank your website and also want to drive the target traffic to your website then please keep reading the complete post. Let’s Start our post on link building techniques for websites. There are many link building tutorial on Google and on Youtube.

What Is Link Building Techniques

When you create your website and also put content on your website then one thing is needed for earning which is bulk of target traffic to your website. This is the main thing for earning and also a huge issue for every bigger.

If you want to drive the traffic to your website then you should to create your link building techniques and start the work. Basically, link building techniques is a method of work by which you can drive target traffic to your website. In link building, you go to high ranked websites that contain a lot of traffic already and build your website link on this website. When you built a backlink on different websites then you can drive target traffic to your website. But there is one thing which you should keep in mind that there are types of link building like, blog commenting, guest posting, brand profiles, forums links and many more.

Benefits Of Link Building Techniques

The main benefit of link building it helps you to drive target traffic to your website. Everyone needs traffic to a website for making money online by using different advertisers. And another benefit of link building is that it also helps you to rank your website in different search engines. When you continuously focus and work on link building techniques then it increases your domain authority and page authority also. So, it is clear that you can drive target traffic and rank your website by link building. In my other posts I’ll gives you link building sites.

link building techniques 2018

Link Building Techniques For 2018

There is no difficulty to create the links for your website. And I also define minimum possible and high authority link building techniques. Let’s check the techniques of link building

  1. Guest Posting
  2. Forum Links
  3. Image Sharing
  4.  Blog Comments
  5. Prospect for broken links

link building 2018

Only above these five-link buildings methods are involved in 2018 link building techniques or plans.It is enough for you to drive traffic and ranking of your website.

1.Guest Posting

In first method or type of link building, you should search the free high authority guest posting websites which allow you to post on their website.When you search guest posting website then somethings you keep in mind that these websites already have a lot of traffic, related to your topic as possible, and also have high authority of domain and page authority.

Why Guest Posting For Link Building

Every successful blogger says that you should build a link to guest posting websites. Because every guest posting website already has a lot of traffic and high page rank, domain rank. When you build link to guest posting websites then here you post an helpful effective article. The users of this guest posting website watch your post then they also visit your website for more helpful articles by the link which you mention in your post.

How to Find Free Guest Posting Websites

It is easy to find free guest posting websites. You can search these types of the website only by some queries which I will mention below. But before showing the queries of finding the guest posting I want to tell you something important always find your topic relevant guest posting websites. You can find guest posting website for these queries.

  1. ((target site)) + guest post
  2. ((target site)) + guest blog

2.Forum Links

The second but most important type of link building is to create forum links. The Forum websites are the website where many peoples come and discuss their ideas and problems. In other words, the forums websites are social problem-solving websites where users post their problems and question for getting solutions to their problems. And these forums websites contain a lot of traffic and high authority already. When you get a backlink on these types of the website then you can grab a lot of target traffic to your website.

How to Get Link To Forums

Easy but technical to get a link to the forum website. But no need to worry you can get a link on a forum by these methods:

Search different High Authority Forums Websites

SignUp On these websites

Show your Activity on these websites by posting answers without links and also by replying the problems of other users on these websites

After some days post the question on these websites without link

And now it is time to get a link on forum website so, post a problem with its solution or simply post a question but at this time create a link in the form of anchor text or hyperlink on any keyword in your post.

3.Image Sharing

Another technique of link building which increases your website organic traffic is image sharing. You should share images with the healthy and helpful description, title, keywords on different image sharing websites like Hi5, Pinterest, Imgur and many more.

4.Blog Comments

A powerful technique of link building which helps to drive a lot of traffic to the website is blog commenting. You should comment on different high authority website which allows you to comment. Always search and choose your post related blog commenting websites. On blog commenting websites you should write a thankful or question type comment with an anchor text link on that blog post. I assure you will get approval on these websites if your comment is helpful for their good image.

5.Prospect for broken links

An old but more healthy link building method from link building techniques is the prospect for broken links. It is easy and helpful only search broken links on your keywords and then email website owner and tell him “Hi bro I visit your website this link but it is broken and not have post I have a unique and helpful article on this keyword please replace this article on that link” by this you can get help and traffic driven link on these websites. Always check the domain authority, page authority, spam soccer and bounce rate of this broken link website.

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