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Increase Watch Time On Youtube

How To Increase Watch Time On Youtube

Tips To Increase Watch Time On Youtube

As you all know that the main factor of youtube video ranking is watch time. The watch time pulls your video in the top of the youtube. In other words higher the watch time of video gives the higher rank of the video in the youtube search engine. Therefore, everyone wants to increase the watch time on youtube. But maximum youtubers especially beginners on youtube does not find the right way for this. Now the website best ideas to make money give you the best tips for this. When you read this complete article then you are able to Increase Watch Time On Youtube easily. You can buy youtube watch time for your channel.

Increase Watch Time On Youtube

If you want to rank your youtube videos then there is the best way is to Increase Watch Time On Youtube. Because when your video watch time increase on youtube then it shows that audience like your video and want more videos from your youtube channel, it is a sign of success and also the reason to get the higher rank of the video in youtube search engine. For this, you should read the complete post till the end.

Step To Increase Watch Time On Youtube

I am trying to explain the complete step by step process of Increase Watch Time On Youtube. The youtube watch time money helps for your growth. You can check all the step here:

  1. Video Quality
  2. Audience Retention
  3. Effective Title and Thumbnail
  4. Satisfy Viewers in First 15 Seconds
  5. Use End Screens
  6. Promotion by Playlist
  7. Build your Subscriber Stronger

1.Video Quality

The first but super most important way to Increase Watch Time On Youtube is the video quality. Every user wants a best high-resolution video results for fun and entertainment. Therefore Video quality has a huge effect on the ranking of video and engagement of the audience.

The video quality always forces people to stay on the video and also comes again on your channel for watching more and more videos. By this, you can increase the watch time on youtube videos. It is also a big source of engaging the people and it increases your subscriber ratio. Therefore when you going to create youtube video one thing always keep in mind that the resolution of the video is better than your competitor’s videos. There are many resolutions which show best video quality like, 480 pixels, 720 pixels, and 1080 pixel. I know the size of the video increase when you create high-resolution videos but it is compulsory for Increase Watch Time On Youtube. For this always use full-featured video making tools like Camtasia studio, Nutshell, Animoto and many more.

Video Making Tools For HD Quality

Camtasia Studio



iMovie App


1.Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is one of the best and more popular video making tools. The main features of this video making tools are you can replace audio of the main video, add a caption, transactions, and full-screen HD display. I really like this tool because it fulfills all the requirements of the best videos. Basically, it is a purchased tool but you can download the free trail base version of this tool and can make quality videos for increasing watch time and engaging the audience on youtube.

2. Nutshell

It is also a best and useful tool for creating the mini-movies. The basic feature of this tool is the videos creating by using this tool are compatible with all devices like desktop, Tabs, Androids, iPhone, and also Mac.

I think you can search the more features of the video making tools above all these for increasing watch time on youtube by creating a quality video. But now we should explain the next tips and ways to Increase Watch Time On Youtube.

2. Audience Retention

If you want to become a successful YouTuber then you should learn about the analyzation. The mean is that you should to observe and analyze the audience and competitors. Always analyze that what the audience wants to see on your channel. And which video the maximum audience watches more and more time. When you analyze all these things means audience retention then you should to create your video according to your audience interest by this your audience like your videos and subscribe your channel permanently. This is the best way to increase watch time on youtube.

Audience Retention

Always learn about youtube more and more by this you can increase your earning level on youtube.

3. Effective Title and Thumbnail

Another but the powerful way which pulls an audience on your youtube videos are effective thumbnails and title. Therefore always write an effective title for your video. And write the title which shows the complete story of your video in one line by this your audience most watch your videos. When you writing your youtube video title then always use your main target keyword of the video at the start of your video title because it helps you to rank faster in youtube search engine.

The audience always like and attracted by the graphics and visual content. Which video has better and explanatory thumbnail has the huge number of audience. Therefore always make best and attractive thumbnails for your videos. Always make that thumbnail which is related to your video and explain the complete story of your video by this you can increase watch time on youtube easily.

4. Satisfy Viewers in First 15 Seconds

The main method of making youtube videos is that you should explain the story of your video in the first 15 seconds of your videos. Because it assists your audience to watch your complete video. They must watch your complete video because they find the theme of your video in first 15 seconds.

5. Use End-Screens

You should promote your other videos from your video it increases your video watch time. You can promote your other videos by using end screens options given by youtube. I also explain it in below picture you can check:

end screen sample

6. Promotion by Playlist

If you really want to increase watch time on youtube in less time then you should create and promote your videos in the form of the playlist. The playlist of your videos increases watch time because it assists your audience to watch another video on your channel.


Increase watch time on youtube

7. Build your Subscriber Stronger

Create best and meaning full video on your youtube channel and tell the audience to subscribe your channel also clicks on bell icon so that they recive the notification of the next update or video.

Build your Subscriber Stronger

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