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website content writing guidelines

Right Way For Writing Impressive Web Content

How To Write SEO Articles In Four Easy Steps

When you create a website for making money online then you should follow some of Google policies for getting rank. In my post, I’ll give you SEO article example for getting a better rank in Search Engine. Because some of Google policies is the main factor of your website ranking.First of all, you should pick a light WordPress theme if you want to create your website on WordPress so that your website speed is better. After this, you customize your website theme. Then most important to write user-friendly content for your website. For writing content please do the search for how to write SEO articles in four easy steps. Because if you search these types of search then you will get the best way or proper roadmap to writing the post according to Google search engine and according to Seo rules. Now no need to Search how to write SEO content for website on different websites. Today I am here to give you best tips on how to write SEO articles in four easy steps as I give best ideas to make money in my previous article.

website content writing guidelines

How To Write SEO Articles in Four Easy Steps And Tips

If you want to write a good content for a website then you should follow SEO on page rules and should follow this post how to write SEO articles in four easy steps. Here are SEO content writing tips for everyone. Always write short stories and short paragraphs for your viewers in other words always provide correct and to the point data. The reason is that the user or viewer always like that type of website who provide them that article which they want. Before reading this post one thing keep in mind this post also contains writing for SEO 2017 so, keep reading the complete post. You should provide the problem solution on your website.Do not write a lengthy post or article because the user acts like a hunter who doesn’t waste his time for hunting. But there is no need to worry because in this article you will learn how to write SEO articles in four easy steps which am going to describe below in my post let start this. I’ll never suggest you copy past therefore I never give SEO copywriting examples only focus on legal and Google friendly ways.

Four Easy Step To Write SEO Article For Your Website

You can check all the step here by which you become a good content writer and write SEO article for your website according to Google and Other search engines.

website content writing samples

  1. Put Important Information First
  2. Add Videos In Your Website
  3. Add Image and Image Alt txt
  4. Treat Your Audience Like Hungry Animals

1. Put Important Information First

When you search how to write SEO articles in four steps then always you find this point put your important information first in every post on Google share by many bloggers and SEO experts. Here I also recommend this you should write important information first. Because your audience always wants to see the important information to clarify that is your article contain that thing or solution which they need. When they find the important information in first they continue to read the complete article.

For example, if you going to write a content on ” how to create website free then you should write as here are an easy and right way to create a website free. You can create a website free by following these easy step in short time.” when you write this type of line in the start of your website then the user finds the complete them of the article and thinks this article can solve my problem to write a website free. In other words, you should satisfy your viewers by giving the solution to their problem. Don’t take them as a reader because if you take them as a reader then you never write the solution of the problem which affects the reputation of your website. Another thing which is most important doesn’t use repeated words in your article again and again. Always Provide the correct information to your user or audience. Basically, this point only means that your audience always wants a detailed theme of your article first.

How To Write SEO Articles In Four Easy Steps

2. Add Videos To Your Website

You know the watch time of your website is most important for your earning. The watch time means how much time user stay on your website and spend the time on your website. Because watch time show that the user trust on your website and showing interest in your website.Therefore if you want to increase the watch time of your website and article always put the related video on your website this is the second step of how to write SEO articles in four easy steps. The Video helps your audience to find the theme of the article and the solution to their problem related this post. Moreover, the video placement in your website content makes your article more impressive and professional.

3. Add Images and Image ALT.TXT

Another step of how to write SEO articles in four easy steps is, you should put your post related images in your post. Always put the related images with high-quality pixels. When you going to upload an image to your website article then you must add image alt.txt in the image. Because Google always identifies your website images through your image alt .txt otherwise Google never shows your results in search queries. If you want to secure your image as your property and want to drive the organic traffic through images then always write the name of your website in the images.

There are to types of images in the post which you can upload to your website and post. First, one is simple image and the second most important and liked by Google is infographic images.

Infographic Images

If you want to create a professional blogging website then you should put an infographic images in your post and on your website. The reason is that Google always like this type of the images because an Infographic images show the complete concept of your website and if you are going to put infographic image in your post then it will show the complete them of your post.

4. Treat Your Audience Like Hungry Animals

Always treat your audience like hungry animals. What hungry animal? yes because the difference between in hungry animals and your audience is simply that hungry animals want something or food to eat and your audience want to read some helpful article by which they solve their problem. Therefore always provide the perfect article for them. You should write short paragraphs, Helpful Headings, Avoid from repetition words, and always use short sentences in your post.

If you want the tips for how to write SEO articles in four easy steps then always follow all above points. You can find different earning tips, tricks, and helpful articles like how to write SEO articles in four easy steps here you can check this related post  Five Powerful Way Get Traffic To Your Website Free and many other ways.

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