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How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website

How To Increase Traffic To Your Website With Pinterest

The Internet is a place for marketing and much online business, Everyone can start a business via internet someone starts blogging or earn by websites and someone makes money by selling their products online. What every but all these peoples need a lot of traffic on their website they work hard to grab the traffic on their website. They optimize websites in different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more. For increasing their website traffic they search on Google with different quires some of the theme searches how to use Pinterest to drive traffic but they failed because they don’t get proper and accurate answers for this. This article especially helps you for how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog and also for your website.

But today in this post you can get the right answer of how to use Pinterest to drive traffic. By reading this article it is you can get a right solution for how to post a blog on Pinterest. In my every post I am trying to give you the best and problem solver post. Let’s Talk about our post.

how to use pinterest to drive traffic to your blog

What is Pinterest and How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic

Like different other social media network website, pinterest for bloggers is also a biggest social media site for which gives you lot of traffic on your website. Basically, Pinterest is an image sharing or image bookmarking website where anyone can share an image, Bookmark image and past their links. The Pinterest has Alexa rank in top 40, for this reason, it is a most valuable website. It has a collection of images, Infographics, and Photos in its pinboards. For advertising the business here is free of charge anyone can promote his business on Pinterest.

What is Pinterest

In This post, you can find a complete step by step method of how to use Pinterest to drive traffic. It is an official, legal and my own experience which I am going to share with you so keep reading the complete post you can drive traffic to your website by this post.

How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic Step by Step

As you know Pinterest is the biggest source of traffic or in other words, Pinterest is a traffic-driven website, therefore, everyone comes on it and share website or blog images here to grab traffic. Some of them grab a lot of traffic but maximum could not they only wasting their time by sharing or posting images here but there is no need to worry today I am here tell you a step by step method of how to use Pinterest to drive traffic. If you have a question for how to pin a blog post on Pinterest then Continue the method below


  1. Pinterest Display Options
  2. Pinterest Pins Understanding
  3. Increasing the number of Pins
  4. Commenting on Other Pins
  5.  Add Keywords to Your Pins
  6. Meaningful Headline
  7. Goal-Oriented Sub-headline
  8. Text Descriptions
  9. Color Schemes
  10.  Link to Your Website


Pinterest Display Option

You know well Pinterest is an image sharing website where you can share your website. Before sharing the images on this website you should understand the types of images which you can share on this website. Some of the image types which you can share on Pinterest describe below.

Photos: This is a simple type which you should share on Pinterest. The method of photos you can share on Pinterest is that you should use your mobile-phones and cameras to make attractive photos of your business events and your products. You should to make meaningful and user attractive images and then share these type of images on Pinterest.

Images: Another type you can share on Pinterest is images. You should to share more professional and informative images of your business and products and then share on Pinterest. You should use inspiral and motivational images for your products and business which you want to promote on Pinterest and grab traffic.

Infographics: More time taken but most helpful image type is an infographic. You can create your product images with different quotation and be writing the prices web-address and much more on your images which can attract users easily from Pinterest.

Pinterest Pins Understanding

The second but more important point of how to use Pinterest to drive traffic is to understand the types of pins which you going to share on Pinterest. If I explain it in simple words then it is good to say you should understand the pin board type and image type which you going to share on Pinterest.

If you have a website about best ideas to make money or money making online and you want the traffic for your this website then you should create the images of your website and then know the image type of your this website. Then the other step is to create that type of board on Pinterest and share image here. The difference in boards and images which you share on boards cannot grab a lot of traffic to the website.

Increase The Number Of Pins

In this step, you should increase the number of image sharing on Pinterest. You should share many images on Pinterest more the images you share more you grab the traffic from here. Therefore share a lot of images on Pinterest.

Commenting On Other Pins

This step is more important in this you should comment on other pins shared by other peoples. In other words, you should create the relationship with other people who are on Pinterest. If your comments on their pins it will cause the traffic to your pins and then to your website.

Add Keywords To Your Pins

Always create your board with the name of a highly traffic driven keyword on Pinterest and also add the keywords to the pins which you share on Pinterest. Because Adding the keywords to your pins can drive a lot of traffic the reason is that every keyword has popularity and number of search.

Meaning-Ful Heading

You should add or create a meaningful heading for your pins so that it can attract the users and every viewer.

Goal-Oriented Sub Heading

Another step is that you should create goal-oriented sub-heading for your pins means always create sub-heading which completely describe your image.

Text Description

In this step, you should write the meaningful description of your website use the keyword when you writing the description of the image.

Color Scheme

You can use the color scheme in text and headings to attract the users to see your image.

Link To Your Website

This is the last step of how to use Pinterest to drive traffic. In this step, you should link the pins to your website by putting the link of your website in the URL section given by Pinterest.

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