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How to start a website step by step guide

How To Start a Website Step by Step Guide Free

How to Start a Website  Step by Step Guide Free :

Today we learn how to start a website and earn from the internet with top-earning tips online.There are many ways to start earning online one of the best ways is blogging.  You should create professional website for working. In this post, I am going to creating a website for your business.

How to Start a Website

What is Blogging?

Start a website before Starting Blogging it is necessary. Blogging is a form of a personal website in which you can start your own business, or use it for a marketing purpose and earns money. No need to learn about how to make a website for free on Google or how to create a website using HTML because in these days there are many easy ways and platforms which allows creating free website.

How To Start a Website Free :

How to start a website the main things which we need are:

  1. Domain name
  2. Webhosting
  3. Content or article

Now for easy to learn we manipulate all above points.

How to start a website free

What is domain or domain name and why its use for starting a website :

The domain is a website name which is the main factor in a website to make the identification of your website.


Domain name examples:

  1. .com ,
  2. .net,
  3. .org ,
  4. .ae,

And many other domain names are available for your site.

How To buy a Domain or best domain registrar :

  1. Goddady
  2. NameCheap
  3. 1&1

And many other companies or websites which provide domain name for your blogs.

What is Web-Hosting?

A web hosting is a space on which your data or website/blog data or store.

What is Web-Hosting 

How to choose a web hosting service and best hosting Companies :

  1. Goddady
  2. NameCheap
  3. Bluehost

And many other companies for buying web hosting.

What is the content of the website/blog :

Blog Content is basically Number of posts or Articles Which you Want to Upload On Your Website or Blog like, Health , Entertainment , Sports, Fashion and many more.

These are the main things which you need for your own website. After Buying these things you can easily create your own website.

Let’s start a lesson how to make a website or a personal blog. Here I’ll show you some infographics photos and videos to setup your own site.

Godaddy Login or Process To buy a domain from Godaddy :

Godaddy domain Login

  1. First search godaddy.com
  2. And Log into Godaddy account or create a new account which is a secure account to store for your products which you buy from Godaddy or get services from Godaddy.
  3. Now in Search bar search your desire Domain name
  4. After Selecting a domain to add this domain to your cart.
  5. On this step check the services and duration for your domain which you want to purchase from this site
  6. Now fill the account billing information and continue to cart
  7. On the final step place your order and confirm the email.

There is a simple and step by step process to buy a domain name from GoDaddy.

How to buy Domain name from name cheap or 1&1 Step by Step Process :

name cheap domain name

  1. First go to namecheap.com / 1&1 .com
  2. Create your account as same in GoDaddy
  3. Now on search bar search your domain name which you want to buy
  4. Now add to cart this domain
  5. Check duration of your product and fill billing information
  6. On a final and last step place your order and confirm the email.
  7. Go to your account and check your product here you will find your domain which you buy from this site.

These are some simple steps to buy a domain name for above site which causes difficult or boredom for new bees.

Now there is a Complete Guide or Step by Step Method How to buy a Web-Hosting, let’s Start these.


Steps to host a website complete Guide:

The method is very simple.

  1. First Go to hosting providers companies on the internet
  2. Visit different hosting providing companies and check there packages and services in every hosting package.
  3. Every Site have there owned hosting packages with a lot of services like storage space, bandwidth, domain adding securities.
  4. Packages of hosting with different prices on each site.
  5. Select that hosting package which has minimum price and lot of services.
  6. After selecting the hosting package to add this to cart
  7. Now fill the billing details and proceeds the process.
  8. Place your order and confirm your email
  9. On your email inbox here is an email from your hosting providers which is very important because it contains your overall hosting panel detail.
  10. You want to save this email.

So, friends, these are simple ways to buy hosting and domain names. You fell some relaxation and happiness buy purchasing your domain name and hosting because inside you are so excited for knowing how to buy a web hosting and domain name and get skills to create your own site or our client’s sites.

Let’s start how to create a website buy your own domain name and web hosting.


Here are some questions in many new bees how to create a website, how to add my domain name in web hosting and many other quires in mind all the problem solutions and answers below:


How to add an addon domain in Cpanel and start a website :

Addon domain

  1. First, go to your hosting provider account in which you already buy a hosting means name cheap/ or Godaddy account.
  2. Buy login into your hosting provider account you’ll find your web hosting
  3. Here go to products In the left sidebar of your account.
  4. Here you see your hosting and in front of your hosting you also see a login to cpanel button
  5. Clicks on cpanel button and you’ll redirect to cpanel interface.
  6. On Cpanel interface, you see the login detail boxes
  7. Putt your cpanel login detail which you save already from your email inbox when you buy the hosting.
  8. Now you are in cpanel of hosting.
  9. Here you see many applications one of them is addon domain
  10. Clicks addon and put your site domain name which you buy.
  11. After adding domain back to cpanel home page.
  12. Now check which type of website you want to make now a days mostly WordPress website are in a market .
  13. Go to WordPress button click and install WordPress
  14. Create your WordPress login detail.


Finally, you create your own website on WordPress in few minutes.The theme of this article to gives you the basic knowledge to create your own site before starting your earning through blogging its main to have your own website or blog. If you want to create a free website then you should find how to create a website free of cost or how to build a website from scratch. I hope all viewers like my post so wait for next post for getting more knowledge and Top earning tips on the internet.

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