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how to find high CPC keywords

Easy Ways To Find High CPC Keywords

How To Find High CPC Keywords To Boost Your Earning

For Spending Life Peacefully everyone needs money. The Money is compulsory to change our lifestyle. Therefore everyone works to generate or earn money. As you know I am continuously posting on my website and you also know my aim is to give you best ideas to make money.  I also try to gives you best ideas to make money which helps you to increase your current earnings. As my previous posts, I am going to Introducing a new method which helps you to increase your earnings my today’s post name is how to find high CPC keywords so, keep reading the complete post. This article will help you to find high cpc keywords list for your website.

how to find high CPC keywords

There are two types of persons one who work hard and make money and the other type of person works smart and make a lot of money. I have a Question which type of person you like? The answer to the most audience will be is smart work of course. If I talk about our online filed or simply bloggers field there are also these two types of bloggers. But sorry to say that in blogging field mostly bloggers are hard workers because they don’t know the smart ways to make money online. If you want to find out high cpc keywords 2017 then this method is best fit for this.

My today’s post how to find high CPC keywords especially for new bloggers who work on a different type or niche hardly they don’t know about high CPC keywords value. If they know the value of high CPC keywords then the other reason is that they don’t know how to get high cpc adsense. In This post, you can learn how to find high CPC keywords and what tools are freely available to find high CPC keywords. Let’s start our post. In this article the tools names and planning will helps to find high cpc keywords for youtube 2016 and also adsense high paying keywords 2017 exactly.

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How To Find High CPC Keywords by Tools

There are many tools to find high CPC keywords which are totally free tools but maximum keyword checker cannot allow the users to access the complete functions of the tools. But if anyone wants the full functionality of tools then he/she should pay the money to tool owners. But not worry I am going to tell them some of keywords checker or keywords finders tools by which you can find high CPC keywords freely. Check The Tools below:

  1. Hittail
  3. Google Adwords

These are the free tools by which you can find high CPC keyword. You can use these tools by going to their website and sign-up. Here are some Google Chrome extensions available by which you can find  High CPC keywords check the extensions:

  1. Seo Quake
  2. Keyword Everywhere or Keyword Bulk

Now There is need to learn the method by which you can find high CPC keywords. Let’s Start with SEMURSH keyword checker Tool.

How To Find High CPC Keywords Complete Method Step by Step

When you want to create a website and works as a blogger then the first thing is compulsory to keep in mind you should analyze your competitors track their plans and checks their keywords in simple words check how they work and on which keywords they rank their website. When you check this then starts work.

How To Find High CPC Keywords Using SEMURUSH

  1. First of all, choose your top competitors and copy their pages links on which they get rank.
  2. After Collecting the competitor’s pages links then go to google and write a query Semursh
  3. In this step opens the semursh website link and sign-up with free trial
  4. Now Validate your email
  5. At that stage when you come back to semursh website then you saw a search bar at the top of website
  6. Paste the competitor’s page link into search bar
  7. Select the target country at which you want to see and rank the keyword
  8. Choose the search type which is search by domain
  9. And now click on enter button here you saw the high CPC keyword List with their CPC rates and country rank
  10. For the Complete report, you should click the full report option below in the left corner of the report sheet.
  11. Now Its done.

As you see it is so simple and easy there is no rocket science. Now am going to talk about the Hittail tool which is my favorite tool, because it provides the full functionality to find a keyword.

Find High CPC Keywords Using Hittail

This tool is so simple and has a user-friendly interface, I always recommend this tool for keyword search and website analysis.

Find High CPC Keywords Using Hittail

Check the use method:

  1. In the first step simply go to hittail.com
  2. Here you saw a sign-up or create an account option so, don’t waste your time simple sign-up
  3. In the third step go to keyword ideas option
  4. When you click on keyword ideas option then a search bar option appears
  5. In search bar option write any short tail keyword which you want to observe
  6. After writing the keyword and click on enter you will saw a complete chart of the long tail keywords with their CPC rate.

Find High CPC Keywords by Adding Seo Quake

Another simple way to find the CPC rate of the keyword is SEO Quake.

ind High CPC Keywords by Adding Seo Quake

  1. Go to Google Chrome Right top corner and click on three dots option
  2.  Here is an option with name more tool click on it and then go to extensions
  3. Then click on more extension and write the name SEO quake in search bar
  4. At that stage, you saw SEO quake and an option add to chrome so do it
  5. When you add the SEO quake to your browser then go to google and write any keyword here
  6. You saw here keyword CPC Rate just below the search bar

Here is an image which shows keyword CPC rate


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Benefits of High CPC Keywords

When you work on a website and continue posting the articles and also do on-page, off-page SEO, and you observe that you can not get a handsome amount from then there is only one thing need to improve. This one thing is the use of high CPC keyword. The CPC keywords mean cost-per-click keywords higher the click rate increasing the earning so, finally, the result is that always use high CPC keywords on your website and articles.

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