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How to earn money on YouTube

How to earn money on YouTube Complete Guide

How to earn money on YouTube Step by Step

As you know in 2017 and 2018 youtube earning or monetizations launched many policies by which it is difficult to make money on youtube. Therefore many online earners search in these days How to earn money on YouTube on the internet. I think I give you complete tips on How to earn money on YouTube on best ideas to make money website.

How to earn money on YouTube


How to earn money on YouTube?

Hi viewers, In a previous article, I give you a general overview of how to make money on youtube views. I tell you that you have to keep on your mind that we earn one dollar if we have 1000 viewers and tell you recently how to work start and how to choose your topic and you see recent videos how they uploaded but this is no difficult and you have no tension on your mind. In this article, I tell you how you download video and what is your interest and also keep in mind what type of videos mostly see on YouTube.

how much money from youtube



Now I see you open to the YouTube that what topics are mostly searched on YouTube. Here you see mostly search sports music and gaming. Now you know three things I mean three main topics of YouTube. Now I open a notepad and write music sports and gaming. Now you understand you choose three topics music sports and gaming. More important topics like Food, Health, Technology and Funny videos now more topics are important but at this time I have these topics on the mind and you also search other topics but according to me these topics are enough. You can also find how to earn money from youtube without adsense on this website.

Let you suppose a topic sport but sports is a big topic, hundreds of play comes on sports like cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, hell ball, golf, boxing, climbing, archery, badminton, softball, karate, wakeboard, diving, hockey, judo, handball, shooting, tennis, swimming, wrestling, water polo, fencing, rowing and so own all these are spots but you select a one sport. Let suppose you choose a football but many things are in football not only one thing. Now you think what many things are in football, yes there are a lot of things in football. In football, many things are like football goals, football kicks, football players, football world cup football pass, football green cards yellow cards and others. Let you target football goals. Mostly people not tell you SEO but SEO is very important for popular of your videos.

Gaming is also very important and a big topic on YouTube. Now I select gaming topics like kids games, children games, boy games, girls games and action games and many others which you search these topics are SEO based topics. I am confident you must enjoy this YouTube course. If you know how to search then I go to Google and see you how to search. Now I see you do practically. Now I just write games on Google. Now you see I just write games and after space, you see below the list of games for girls, games with gold, games for kids, games online, games workshop, games of thrown, games of play, games with gold august, games with gold July and games with gold September and others. Now many topics of gaming come to your mind and now you have an idea how to search topics.

how much money from youtube


Now I write gaming after the space on Google now you will see a list at below cool math games, cars games, addicting games, dress up games, cooking games, online games, free online games, Barbie games, EB games and girls games. Let I come own football because we select a topic of football. Now you see a list of keywords which come to write just football on Google and topics are football scores, football tricks, football schedule, football positions, football games today, football fields, football guys, football helmets, football quotes, football gloves and others. These are keywords for your website.

Now I write football goals on Google and you see a list of keywords which come after the football goals these are football goals quotes, football goals BAE, football goals highlights, football goals videos, football goals Instagram, football goals with a girlfriend, football goals for sales and many others. I ranked a video on YouTube at this course and you learn how to rank a video on YouTube. I am not told that I am a teacher but I learn from my seniors, children, and friends sometime during the discussion you get ideas of different topics. I will see you my little earning and my friends earning and I will see you live how to earn. But you have an idea how to select a topic and how to check most important keywords about this topic.

After this, you search food and health and whose important keywords are given below. Now I search Technology keywords on Google. These are Laptop, Android, and others. But I don’t tell about funny videos because the funny video is a very competitor topic. Now I search funny videos on YouTube and also see your keywords of funny videos. After writing funny videos on YouTube you will see first funny videos, funny pranks, funny vines, funny cats, funny animals, funny dogs, funny songs and others. Now you understand how many topics about funny videos, therefore, you also have an idea funny videos is a more difficult topic. The thing which I tell you, you should take it. You can make a channel and also can do uploaded all types of videos but in this case, you channel according to this channel a viewer can’t understand the topic of your channel. This is the problem why we cannot successful we should select one topic and all uploaded videos are related to this topic. For example, my topic is funny videos and me uploaded funny franks videos at this stage you can say I distract from my topic. You can upload different videos on your channel when your channel is authority channel otherwise this is bad impression for your channel.

Now I select topic funny cats but you want search funny cats keywords on Google and YouTube and you see in both places keywords will be different but you keep all keywords in the mind. Now I tell you what is a keyword, I give you an example when you write funny on YouTube or Google then show different words show with funny, these are called keywords. In simple words, the keyword is a thing which viewers search on Google or YouTube. You can search any type of search engine or any type of browsers.

Thanks, viewers and I 100% sure after complete this course you must be able to earn a handsome amount on YouTube but the struggle is very important. So no need to think that how much money from youtube. I sure you will can’t bore in this course. Because this is an interesting topic.


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