How To Earn Money From Facebook Without Investment

How To Make Money Using Facebook Step by Step Instructions:

Hi friends today we learn how to earn money from facebook without investment, In this post, I’ll give you tips to make money from facebook works only one hour in a day. If you want to make a lot of money then you should learn how to earn money from facebook page likes, how to earn money from Facebook ads, how to earn money from facebook without investment, and how to earn money from facebook videos. All these topics help you to make a lot of money online only on facebook. This website best ideas to make money helps you by posting articles on all these topics. let’s start our topic.

How To Earn Money From Facebook Without Investment

Can I make money with facebook :

Yes, you can how to earn money from facebook without investment. As you know Facebook is a best social network in which more than one billion users interact with each other. one daily base millions of people online on facebook for different purposes. You can earn money from facebook account. Therefore we can easily how to earn money from facebook without investment by internet marketing of any brand or our own small local business. Let’s Learn how I can do internet marketing by facebook of any brand or how I can start my own business on facebook. I explain all the method step by step In this articles

make money with facebook

Steps to make money on Facebook:

  1. Create an appealing facebook profile
  2. Post Publically on facebook
  3. Use facebook messenger
  4. Send a message based on pass conversation
  5. Keep the Conversation Going
  6. Stay in touch
  7. Grow your friends for growing your income
  8. Creating a Facebook group for a conversation with members


Steps to make money on facebook

Step 1: Create your appealing facebook profile :

The first step in how to make money on facebook is to create your appealing profile. In this step first you should to select a professional facebook profile image to show people your identification, next select effective facebook cover image for attracting your users , finally fill the about portion of your profile properly because your viewer or your client easily know about you and easily contact you by your given contact detail like, your phone number and your email address and your website link.

Step 2: Publically post on facebook:

In the second step, you should to post publically and show your services, business, product, or any brand.

How to post on facebook for make money on Facebook:

There is no need to worry to think about that how to post on facebook for making money or how to attract your user for internet marketing of your product, business.

If you want to start your property dealer business and you want to advertise your business through facebook then post on facebook profile like this:

Hi guys! As you know I start my own business of property dealing for sale and purchase of houses and plots. If anyone needs to buy a new house then please contact me on my mobile number or message me.

If you want to give any type of services and you want to advertise it then post like this:

Hi everyone! A start a small business to give you the electronic services at home for each and every product if anyone wants to get any electronic services then message me, I’ll give best services in suitable price and time.

Step 3: Use Facebook messenger:

You should to use facebook messenger because by using facebook messenger all the time you are online and in touch with your clients or customers and give them the responsibility of their question on time by this your marketing services better and your client feels easy by using your services.

Step 4: Send them message based on pass conversation:

In this step, you should message to your client on the base of pass conversation e.g if anyone sends you a message for buying a house then you should to send him the like this.

Hi Alex! I saw your message you like that house by seeing house pictures, videos and study its detail. So, can you go with me for visiting that home?

This message has a great impact on your client and helpful for building trust in front of your client.

Step 5: Keep a conversation going:

In this step, I won’t tell you that if any of your client message you then it is an exciting moment for you then you should to respond him/her by giving them additional information through proper detail, pictures, videos for building your trust on a client.

If no one responds to your post then there is no tension only send them a message in a week. Sometimes the user is not online when he online on facebook he will read your message and respond you through a message.

Step 6: Stay in touch

You should stay in touch with your friends for your product or product advertisement. You should to send them Facebook message and you also should to like comment and share their posts, means give them full responsibility for getting their attention towards you. You should post about your business or about your services on daily bases and tags these posts or pictures to your friends which are interested in your products and services.

Step 7: Grow your friend list for growing your income

As you know Facebook is a biggest social media network in which more than one billion people interact with each other for different type of tasks or purposes, facebook allow you to add unlimited peoples with you for interacting with them to add many people in your friend list because by increasing your friend list your income will grow. Many people see your post, your business services your get many clients and get a lot of money by giving them services or by selling your products to them.

Step 8: Create a facebook group according to your business:

This is a technical step in this step you should make a facebook group according to your business. Give the name to group which is the name of your business, next put a business related cover photo because your cover photo and your group name represents your business, now put your business description and contact detail in your group about portion, finally add those people to your group who are interested in your business type activities mean if you want to make a group of property marketing than add those members who want to buy a new house or want to replace their house.

By these all above steps you can easily advertise your business and how to earn money from facebook without investment, I hope you really enjoy my post in next posts I’ll give you the tips how to earn money from facebook without investment and how to monetize facebook and make money by facebook monetization. In my next facebook earning post I’ll write on how to earn money from facebook likes.

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