How To Buy Bitcoin

How To Buy Bitcoin Complete Guide For Biggners :

Today I am going to tell you about bitcoin, First of all is important to know that ,what is bitcoins and what is the purpose of bitcoins and how to buy bitcoin and how to earn money form bitcoins.

how to buy bitcoin

Bitcoins are used now a day by millions of people are used bitcoins to earn money ,so I am going to tell you about the bitcoins ,what is bit coins ?how to buy bitcoin? How to sell bit coins? How to earn from bitcoins? These are the question that helps you a lot for understanding the procedure of the bit coins.

What is bit Coins?

Bitcoins is a Digital curacy and cryptocurrency worldwide payment system. It is the first digital currency system without any centralized bank or a single administrator. Bit coins are first introduced January 3, 2009.

What is bit Coins

How to buy Bitcoin ? 

For those people who want to buy bit coins for first time, have information about bit coins and policy of the bit coins and also know where to invest and earn from bitcoins. Coin base is the easiest way to buy bit coins and convert your local investment form local money to digital money.


Five Simple way to Buy Bit Coins for Binger  

If you are interested and want to know how to buy bitcoin ? The bitcoins are   accepted around the world now a day and have a number of growing application, but one most important thinks is that how and where you go to buy bit coins and how to store them and used bit coins for the handsome money to earn from bit coins.

Here are some easiest way to buy bit coins that are given below, these step are easy and more common now a day to buy bit coins, let’s start  ……….

1-Find a good bitcoin wallet


First you need to know what is a bitcoin wallet, basically wallet are used to buy bitcoins now a day, the wallet are more secure and reliable for the bit coins, for the first time when you buy bitcoins, it is important to exchange them form one currency to another currency .

bitcoin wallet

If you want to exchange the coins later then wallet are the best storage to store the coins, because wallet are able to secure your personal information and other information like coins and there transformation from one currency to another currency.

Here are good options:

Coinbase wallet

Coin base wallet is a friendly way to exchange ties and is the simplest in use. That’s way this the best or popular because of its easy use, by this you can easily buy bit coins and store them in to the wallet.

Mycelium wallet

Is a mobile base wallet and more compatible for advance technology like trezor hardware wallet?


2-Choose the right bitcoin trader


Exchange is a easiest way to buy bit coins without any third party like bitcoin trader or any other source. There are  some  exchange that provide a bitcoins with good quality or responsibility but ,it is important to know that these exchange are trustful or reliable for the bitcoins exchange because ,if the exchange are not trust able or demand more free for exchange your money from one to another .

Here are some trustfully way or resource that provide a full security for money exchange.

bitcoin trader

  1. Coinbase

The best way to buy bitcoins because it have very simple interface for their customer and provide a simplest way to buy bitcoins easily and taking care of their customer .


  1. CEX

Cex is the most used full or popular way to buy or cell your bit coins because it provide you a instant exchange offer ,The CEX is for those people who are regularly use bit coins and are generally use this way ,but it provide you a limited exchange offer.



  1. Exchange Bitcoin For Cash

By the use of exchange bitcoin for cash you can find exchange in your country or city for the exchange of money in to bitcoins, because it is the good way to invest your bitcoins and make money from bitcoins, but one more thing keep in mind is the before choosing exchange for the bit coins you must check and give review to take survey for the service.

3-Select your payment method


Now a day there are many type of exchange offer for exchange bitcoin for cash on what you want from the past some same  are used for exchange ,like bank account are accepted for credit card or other way of exchanging money into bitcoins. one most important thing is that pay pal system is not allowed  for exchange of money.

how to buy a bitcoin

ATM are allow to exchange bit coins in a compatible wallet for cash. But this type of ATM are limited in a no of cities, all the exchange offer are done online .


4-Buy and store some bit coin in your wallet


One most important thing is that the value of bit coins is change moment by moment or continuously, so when you buy bit coins be careful and keep your eyes on the numbers, For Example

buy bitcoin

For 0.026 bit coins if you paying $400.

Start your bit coins business in a small part or investing small money for the first time table and observe all the process carefully that’s helps you a lot for the next time .

5-Ready to use Bitcoins

It a time when you earn form bitcoins, it is important to know about bit coins value, when you sell or buy some other thing from your coins, keep your eyes on the value of coins and buy or those thing that have cheap rate or give bake some money when you sell them.

use Bitcoins

I hope above all the steps and complete guide now it is clear that what is bitcoin, how to use bitcoin and how to buy bitcoin it is so simple and this method of how to buy bitcoin is safe. For further more helpful articles share and comment on my post. You can find here your demand base articles by commenting with your demands on my post. Best ideas to make money gives many other online earning tips to earn money online.

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