How To Build a WordPress Blog Free

How to Start a WordPress Blog Step by Step :

Hi .guys in this post you’ll learn how to build a WordPress blog free. So, before starting this you need to know what is or what is a blog?

How to Start a WordPress Blog

What is a blog?

A blog is a regularly updated website which is run by a single person or small group to put their posts on world wide web.

What is WordPress? is a service which allows creating free blog or free websites on world wide web, but porn, gambling data is not allowed.

 How To build a WordPress Blog Free Step by Step :

How to build a WordPress blog free is not a rocket science. Only go to click start and follow the five steps and make your blog.

Five steps to start a blog free:

  1. First of all, choose your homepage layout
  2. Select a Theme means how to look your blog
  3. Choose a domain name (name for your blog )
  4. Select a plan
  5. Create your account

Step 1: Choose a Homepage Layout

On step one of how to build a WordPress blog free choose the homepage layout means to choose the best option given by .i suggests Choose select “A list of latest posts” because it is a common blog format.

If you want to make blog for storing Photos then select “A grid of  latest posts”

For business, “a welcome page for my site” or “an online store” is most important.

Step 2: Select the Theme for your free blog

In this step only choose the WordPress free theme for your blog means how your blog looks. Only choose that theme which is similar to your blog. There is no need to worry because you can easily change that theme and its layout and colors.

Step 3: Choose a Domain Name (blog address/ blog URL)

In this step you need to choose your domain name means to choose the name of your blog, I think it is difficult to step because maximum number of domain name which you want to choose is taken like,

If you want to choose the robot said this domain name is taken then you search then again robot said this domain name taken.

D’nt worry at that stage you need to use alternatives but attractive and like, you search the domain name is available.

Want to Purchase a domain name from

If you want to purchase a domain name from its not good I never suggest you buy the domain name from

Step 4: Choose a plan For WordPress free blog

Now choose you to plan from given plans here you must choose a free plan because you want to make WordPress free blog.

Step 5: Create your account on WordPress .com

In this step of  how to build a WordPress blog free you need to create your account on for log into your free blog here you give or fill the main three points

Create your account on WordPress .com

Email: First in creating free blog you give your email for verification and for further information from

Username: Now select or write your username no need to select your original username you also use another name which you want to select.

Password: Here in final step of creating free blog account you need to make your password now I suggest you must use special characters in your password like !@#$%%^$^ &.

Congress you make your free blog with these steps now you can easily manage and start your blog.

How to login to your free blog

No need to worry about login to your free blog dashboard only write your blog address or your blog URL and /wp-admin  click enter you go to your free blog WordPress login panel, like this

If I create a free blog with domain name and I want to login to my blog WordPress login panel then I write this  URL or blog address in address bar

Customize your blog template or WordPress blog theme:

In this step customize your blog theme layout means manage how your blog looks its widgets, colors, categories, menus, pages and much more which you want to make a change on your free blog before starting work on your blog it is compulsory.

Add new Pages and posts on your free blog:

This is a final step of how to build a WordPress blog free You need to add different pages to your blog some of the important pages like, About us, Contact us, Privacy policy.

Add new Pages and posts on your free blog

Now you can start your work on your blog by putting different types of posts on your blog you can easily use attractive, infographic images, videos, text in your blog posts.

For posting on your blog you first go to your free blog dashboard and go to post, add a new post , in this section you see simple post interface, first of all, a title box here you should to put your post title then on another huge box you should put your text, images, videos . And in the left bar section, you can put your post related tags or keywords, select the post related category and also set you to post featured image.

How to Create a Blog in WordPress Step by Step :

All above points and steps it is easy to understand  how to build a WordPress blog free , I hope you can easily start your blog if you need any help then visit my other links given below for different types of informative posts like how to make my own website with a domain name and host, how to switch or migrate my free blog on blogger to a domain and web hosting website . visit these links to solve your related problems and get more skills. I also share different types of top-earning tips form internet in my articles, like how to make money from youtube, how to earn from google ad sense and many more.


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