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how many views on youtube till you get paid

How Many Views On Youtube Till You Get Paid Right Way

How Many Views On Youtube Till You Get Paid Right Way

When you start work on youtube then some things you and every beginner must search that how to make money on youtube by getting Youtube views, how to monetize youtube channel and How Many Views On Youtube Till You Get Paid and many more. But in today’s post, you’ll learn about How Many Views On Youtube Till You Get Paid for best ideas to make money website. There are also many youtube views generator tools available on the internet.


How Many Views On Youtube Till You Get Paid

Hi viewers….. In this article I tell you if you select a topic, then you must need keywords about this topic, therefore, today I tell you how to choose keywords about your topic and according to your target you upload a video and earn money. At the start, your earning your will be in little amount but according to your expectation will be very low. At start earning is low but you should not be disappointed because this is the first step of your progress. Then I choose a topic food and tell you many topics of food in the previous article. Now I select breakfast recipes keywords in food but I can choose a breakfast-related different topic but I chose a breakfast recipe. You can search free youtube views increaser for getting a better rank for your youtube channel.


In this article, I download video related to this topic and see you how to re-upload and monetize this video on YouTube. Now I need breakfast recipes keywords, therefore, I go to YouTube and type breakfast recipes on YouTube. When I wrote food recipes on YouTube now you see keywords list these are breakfast recipes with eggs, breakfast recipes Pakistani, breakfast recipes easy, breakfast recipes healthy, breakfast recipes for kids, breakfast recipes with eggs, breakfast recipes for children and bread and many others for this way to make money on YouTube. If you do not have money then simply go to internet and search increase youtube views free articles study them and apply.

According to this way 10 keywords show on your screen, these keywords are hot. In breakfast recipes topics you can also search sub-topics, therefore, the selection of keywords is very important for how to make money on YouTube. You should want to write keywords for breakfast recipes, these keywords will helpful for content writing and keywords are those things which viewers can search on YouTube and Google. For example, after writing breakfast recipes you press any alphabets on the keyboard like you press A when you see a new keyword breakfast recipes American same as you type z then you see no keyword see because there is no keyword. If you want to increase your youtube channel views immediately then you should find and buy youtube views bot tool.

After this you write a then you see many keywords like breakfast recipes quick, easy quick breakfast recipes, quick healthy breakfast recipes and others. Same as you type every alphabet and see related keywords, you should not understand easy because this thing is very important to making money on YouTube. If your research and keywords are good they should don’t worry and you earn a handsome amount from YouTube. According to my experience keyword is very important to money on YouTube. In this article, I tell you how to make and edit videos and how to upload.

You cannot say that you have a complete knowledge about online earning, learning is a process which is continuo the whole life. Every day new things and new technologies and researchers have come in the market. Now I copy breakfast recipes and past on Google, now keywords are shown, these are same as YouTube. After this keyword I write prepositions, you will know prepositions, after breakfast recipes, I write on or for or from or with or of. These keywords are enough if you want to rank your site or channel you should want to target these keywords. If you upload these all keywords videos on your channel or website, approximately videos will be 800 or 900.

Now I copy this keyword and type keyword planner on Google and paste breakfast recipes. I tell you what is keyword planner and how to use and why we use. Keyword Planner is a Google keyword tool, for use this tool first you should login your any Gmail account. This is the best keyword planner tool, the ranking of this tool is top on Google. Now I tell you why we use keyword planner. If your search is good and select best keywords then your channel or site must be rank. If your search and keywords are good then your 70% work done. Now you paste your keyword, you can select any country where you want to rank your channel or you can select America, London where per click rate is high because our main purpose to make money on YouTube.

Now I tell you what is CPC, search volume, and competition. Now you see your keywords and check keyword difficulty. All breakfast recipes keywords you can see, you can copy these keywords and use when you upload or write content. You chose such keywords which have searches from 1k to 1000k, you should not select such keywords which have 1k fewer searches in one month, because the reason is that if your select keyword has 1k fewer searches in one month then how to earn good money, therefore, you select such keywords which have 1k greater then searches in per month then you make handsome money.

Here is a batten of copy by which you can copy all keywords of breakfast recipes, open excel sheet and paste. Now I tell you what is CPC and importance of CPC. CPC is a cost per click rate, its mean how many rupees earn for an output of one click. Now you understand that the importance of good keywords and the cost of per click, therefore, we used such keywords which are mostly searched, because this is very important for our channel or site. Therefore your main target must be to choose good keywords. You should study free youtube views no survey by other Youtubers.

In my next article, I tell you how to make a video and how to edit your videos and how to upload your videos. Viewers if you have any problem or any confusion you can text me or message on my WHATSAPP.  Now you understand how to start your channel and how to choose keywords and who keywords are most important for your channel or site. You understand it is not rocket science, first you set your mind that you must do work on YouTube and make money on YouTube, if you work hard and your researchers of keywords is good and research of CPC is  good and selected of your keyword have much difficulty and how to copy keywords and use these keywords on your video or site. You keep in mind for few days you cannot a very good and successful earner. Therefore you continue your struggles and your selected keywords are good and have good CPC.

Thanks, viewers and I 100% sure after complete this course you must be able to get 1000 free youtube views and earn a handsome amount on YouTube but the struggle is very important. There are also many successful YouTubers who recommend you free youtube views generator tools for urgent results.

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