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seo ranking factors

Google Ranking Factors 2018

Top 6 Google Ranking Factors

I think its enough to teach about how to create a website and how to make money online. Because best ideas to make money already delivers many articles about these things. Today we learn Google Ranking Factors means how to get the first position in Google and other Search engines. But I must ask you before applying latest Google factors you should find google ranking factors 2017 and then compare it with latest factors.

seo ranking factors

Google ranking factors 2018 main part of blogging. When you get a proper rank in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many other search engines then you are going to make money for each month. The proper rank of website or website keywords drive a lot of traffic to your website. When traffic comes on your website then you will get paid by advertisers by putting their advertisements on your websites. So, as a blogger, you need to know google ranking factors SEO checklist and how to drive traffic to your website. Let’s start to know that Google Ranking Factors previous years and Google Ranking Factors 2018. You Should to check all these with different SEO tool like moz and check google ranking factors moz by this you can also get best tips.

Google Ranking Factors

  1. Keyword in Domain Name
  2. Domain Name Age
  3. Main Keyword in Title
  4. Keyword in H1 & H2 Tags
  5. Content-Length
  6. Keyword Density

google ranking factors

Above these are the main Google ranking factors 2016 and latest 2017 , 2018 for traffic and also for a handsome amount. Now I am going to explain all these points step by step. If you want to know Google Ranking Factors then please keep reading the complete post.

1.Keyword in Domain Name

It is a main Google Ranking Factors which gives you an instant boost in Google, Bing, Yahoo and many other search engines. If you are going to start a new website then there is need to search and buy a domain name for your website and also need to buy the best web-hosting for your website. For this, I always suggest you find and buy a domain with your focus keyword. If you buy a domain with your focus keyword then it is for you to get the first rank in Google and other search engines with doing some effort. Therefore always try to buy a domain name which contains your focus keyword.

It is easy to find a domain name with your focus keyword. Only give some time for search no need to buy a domain instantly.

2.Domain Name Age

Domain name age is the second factor from Google Ranking Factors for your website. When you are going to start a website then as you know there is need a domain name, Ok, if you have an amount then you always to buy an old domain name. An old domain name is the best way of ranking older the age of a domain easier the rank of your website. It is easy to rank an older domain than that of newer.

For example, if you are going to create a website on making money online and you have to domain name options first a domain name with the age of one year and other once is domain name with three years then I suggest you should choose the domain name with three year age. Because if you buy this domain it is easier for your ranking.

3.Main Keyword in Title

It is clear that the best and unique content has an impact on Google search engine but the use of the main keyword in the title is a second main thing include in your content. If you are going to target a keyword in your post then you should use the main keyword in your post title.

For example, if you going to write a post on Google Ranking Factors and your target keyword is Google Ranking then create a title using the main keyword in it like as Google Ranking Factors 2018 or Top Google Ranking Factors, Tips for Google Ranking Factors and many more. Our main purpose is to use our main keyword in our post title. The reason is that when Google crawls your website article then it first crawl the title of the post. If you use your focus keyword in your post title then you give the path to Google crawl. Therefore always use your target or focus keyword in your post title.

4.Keyword in H1 & H2 Tags

The main keyword in title and Keyword in H1 & H2 Tags is the tips to write the content on the website. As you know if your website content is a king of your website then it is good to say that keyword in title and keyword in h1, h2 are the queens of your website. The use of LSI keywords in your website content H1 and H2 is the best technique for getting rank in Google and many another search engine. I suggest you use the focus keyword in your post title, H1, and H2. Because the use of the keyword in H1 and H2 is a way to tell the Google about your main keyword.


Another technique for getting rank in different search engines and drives traffic to your website is the content length. Yes, content length has an important impact on Google and another search engine. It is a magic and easier way to Get rank in Google and many other search engines. If you write minimum 1000 unique word content on your website continuously then I assure you will easily get rank in Google and many other search engines. The 1000 unique words content is better than that of 500 words content.

Always write a lengthy content on your website because it helps you to rank your post and website in Google search engine and other search engines.

6.Keyword Density

You know keyword density is one of the best factors from Google Ranking Factors. I know at that time two types of questions comes in your mind, first what is keyword density? and the second one is how much keyword density? But there is no need to worry I explain both of these here.

What is Keyword Density?

The number of keywords used in your article or website content is called keyword density. The keyword density plays an important role in your website ranking so always follow the content writing rules and important to know about keyword density.

How Much Keyword Density?

Always use a small amount of keyword in your article so that your keyword density low. I suggest you maintain your keyword density 0.3% or 1 % maximum.


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