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Five Powerful way to get traffic to your website free

Five Powerful Way Get Traffic To Your Website Free

Five Powerful Way Get Traffic To Your Website

In my website I continuous posting how to make money, how to do affiliate marketing or how to start a website. My all the posts about the starting which are so helpful for everyone especially for beginners. As that You see many best ideas to make money on this website. But today am going to write a technical article for you. When you create your website and complete all the work on your website now you must need to have traffic on your website. My today’s post is to get traffic to your website free. Yes, now you can get instant website traffic.


Way to get traffic to your website

Everyone wants to increase website traffic fast for making money online. For this, he searches on different search engines like Google and Youtube and searches how to drive target website traffic. He read many articles on drive target website traffic but not get any proper source for his website traffic. But in this post, everyone who needs the traffic for his website can read the easy and simple real ways to get traffic to your website free. There are also many free website traffic generator available in a market.

Here are five Powerful ways to get traffic to your website free by doing simple and easy work. If someone wants free traffic to my website fast then keep reading the post completely. Now I am going to Introduce these top five ways so continuously read the post.

Get Traffic To Your Website Free Real Ways

There are five powerful real ways to get traffic to your website free only follow these simple steps you can drive a lot of traffic to your website.

get traffic to website free


  1. Blogging
  2. Video Marketing
  3. Social Bookmarks
  4. Webinars
  5. Go-Offline

Now we discuss these simple but powerful ways one by one and see how they work well for traffic. If anyone has question or suggestion then please comment I feel glad to talk with them. There are also many best free traffic sites who follow these steps for free targeted website traffic.

  • Blogging

The Blogging is the biggest way use for traffic by every senior blogger or online marketer. Yes, It is a huge source of traffic, as you know there are many blogging websites which offer different services and has traffic on their interset base services, products or articles. This is a first but most important way to get traffic to your website free so be carefully read the instructions for this which this post shares.

There are different Blogging websites which offer to everyone to create free blog or website on their platforms. Everyone can create a free blog on these websites free and put their content on these blogs which they want.  I already share the list of high pr web 2.0 sites list you can check: High PR Web 2.0 Sites Lists 2018 .

But here I also talk about some blogging websites and how it works so read the instruction.

  1. Go to Blogging websites like Blogger, WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, Weebly and many more.
  2. Create a free blog here by simply signing-up
  3. Create your login information
  4. Design this free blog or website properly
  5. Now It’s ready to work no only one this is a need to do which is posting on your website.

How To post on Blogging Websites

When you create free blogs or websites on different blogging websites then you should post or put your content on these blogs and websites. One thing please keep in mind never post your original website content only by doing copy and paste from your money website. Here you can write only your new post whatever you want but your post is on a continuous base. It is good to say that please keep posting every day or twice in a week or at least one time in a week.

When you are going to post on the blogging website blog or website then you should put your website anchor text after minimum 100 words or you should put your original website related post link here in the post. By doing these activities continuously you will be able get traffic to your website free.This is a simple and biggest source of grabbing traffic because all the blogging websites like Blogger, WordPress, Medium has a lot of traffic and lot of fame and also offering to create your website or blog on their platform and helps them to by sharing your experience and products or simply services whatever we want to do. Now I am going to introduce you the second biggest traffic driven powerful way.


Video Marketing

As you check above blogging website is a real and powerful way to drive the traffic here I also have another way for you. I am going to tell you about second biggest and huge traffic driven source which is video marketing. You know very well peoples like to watch videos more and more as like you and me. If I talk about myself when I go to youtube a biggest videos marketing platform or second biggest search engine then I see a lot of videos one by one until I feel tired. Thus it is clear that and it is true everyone like to watch the video in the world, therefore, we can drive traffic by this way to our website.

How To Video Marketing

The video marketing is so simple in another world if I talk only sharing your videos on different video sharing platform. But here I tell you complete steps one by one by which you can do video marketing and get traffic to your website free.

  1. Create Your Videos
  2. Go to different video marketing websites which freely allows you to share your videos like, Youtube which is a second biggest search engine and first biggest video marketing search engine, Dailymotion, Vimeo and many other available.
  3. Create your account on these websites by putting login information.
  4. Customise Your Channel or setting it up
  5. Now It is a time to upload or share your videos on it
  6. Target keyword in a video title
  7. Putt the link to your website post in the video description
  8. Express that the link is below in the description in your videos
  9. Include your website post target keyword while putting the video keywords

By doing all the above step you can make or grab a lot of traffic to your website. You can also contact free traffic exchange for your websites.

  • Social Bookmark

Now it is a time to get traffic to your website free from some other way which is social bookmark a super most traffic driven way. It is so simple and easy. As you know there are many social bookmarking websites who have a lot of traffic and you can drive the traffic easily posting their interest base posts.


How To Social bookmark

  1. Go to different social media websites like Facebook, Pinterest, twitter, google plus and many other
  2. Create your account here
  3. Set the profile
  4. Post interesting photos and status on your website link
  • Webinar

People like entertainment and live conversion or in other words they like events so you need to conduct different webinar and here live question answer. By doing this you can drive a lot of traffic to your website.

  • Go-Offline

Another way to drive target website traffic to your website is go-offline it means you should advertise your business physically by posting banners, boards in crowded areas. Because people always want to learn new thing.

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