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How to create website using wix

Create Website Using Wix blog free

Create Website For Free With Wix Blog

how to create website using Wix a detailed guide here a step by step procedure is explored in such way manners that any beginner can create his/her own high-level revenue generating website or blog using wix.com. If you are searching for how to set up a wix website then check below:


How To Create Website Using Wix Free :

How to create a website using Wix or Creating Wix websites or blogs are like a playing your favorite game even you don’t have any knowledge about how to play .wix is giving you a platform where a new person in this field can create a website or blog in very short time.

Wix.com is giving you a cloud-based web designing platform where you can invent your website or blog which is independent of a tool. You only do a drag and drop tool to start your own web.

The only drawback using Wix is that you don’t have full control on your website’s management functions. But if you are a seasonal developer or want a fast promotion to your idea or product it’s like when you want testing that either your idea is workable or not then Wix blog is most helpful for you.

How to create website using wix


Wix Blog Step by Step Guide :

Many beginners have no money to start website free so they can’t start a website. But now they have a choice with wix.com they can start their free website. This platform is very easy because it provides its own Wix templates for you. Check below how to create a website using Wix complete steps.

  1. First, you have to open wix.com in your browser after that click the button of start now for starting web designing.
  2. Provide wix login Credentials and make sure you are using this as a new user for better conformation click the link mentioned as I’m a new user.
  3. Now we are telling you what to select and which options are best for your site or blog using wix.com
  4. First, you have to select your email address for remembering your account
  5. Then select a good password for your account security called login
  6. Note: Google Plus or Facebook account is also helpful to create your account registration on wix.com
  7. Press go button to continue.

Wix Blog Step by Step Guide


Reconfirm your Email address and password :

Now to reinsure that your provided email is correct and valid or not you have to follow a procedure in which your email is reconfirmed by sending confirmation mail on your Gmail or Facebook account to create your wix.com account.Use login button for continuing the procedure.

Choose your Wix site’s type :

Here is the first stage of your plan going to implemented by you so be careful of choosing that what kind of site you want to create from Wix. There is lots of option about types of sites so choose what your plan is e.g if you want to create your blog then select “blog” option in all.

Getting started with your Wix blog :

Click the button you see on display written as “Get Started” for seeing your own free blog with Wix also called wix blog

Design your Wix blog or site :

It is most important to look your site in such manners that any new users like it and wish to remain to visit on it. Wix can provide you lots of templates to design your website so choose one which fulfills your requirements of plan and user-friendly. In template selection, you have to keep in mind that choose the one which is platform independent e.g which is both visitable on everything even mob also.

When you choose your effective template then Wix gives you the authority to edit your site and content as you want to show it on your site or blog. You just have to open the admin panel and pick and drop the things on any type of arrangements. Wix.com giving you built-in functions in templates you only have to drag any function according to your wish using Wysiwyg (‘Wixxywing’) editor, Which it as is ‘what you see is what you get’. In short, there is no involvement of any coding language so it’s an edge for new users or new person in this field it all include visual-based editing. You can use Wix editor only by watching a video of how to use Wix editor.

You have to design all your contact according to your desire an then when you feel satisfied from your work the on the top right of the page you see the Publish button click on it and make it live.Once your site is published then congrats you are now a member of Wix site and bloggers community. now you have all rights to play with the functions and features of your site make it as user interest full so that many people visit your site and give you lot of revenue.

Creating wix blog or websites disadvantages :

This is the shortest way to create your website using Wix site but this shortcut is not worth it.

There are many meaning full and impressive ways of using Wix sites but there are also some minor flaws in few manners.

As all other web services at first Wix provides you free services but some money(premium) is charged for more functionality and features.You must have to purchase your premium packages to connect your sites to your own domain and hosting, remove Wix ads, add e-commerce capabilities, and purchase more data storage space and bandwidth, and much more options.

Create a blog on wix.com conclusion :

Wix platform is a good and useful presentation scenarios, the visually impressive designs are implemented or published for initiatives for new businesses restaurants, online stores, and artists.First, wix is free as I mentioned before as long as you want, but when you want to increase your business and site as well you have to pay for more storage domain name (custom) or priority support for it.


Wix is specially built on the bases of business model where they earn their profit through upgrades using premium packages.

Now most important things as I mentioned in start wix is not for business purpose useable platform it is purely for new bloggers and for sectional creates of sites. If you have to work professionally or want to generate some revenue then don’t use free wix web because at some point its premium packages are more expensive then purchasing it on any other site related sale purchasing webs.Now don’t waste your time go and create your own dream website with the help of this article how to create a website using Wix .

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