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6 common seo mistakes

Six Common SEO mistakes Mostly by Beginners

Common SEO mistakes Mostly by Beginners

You know what is search engine optimization?

If Yes…!!! The next Question is

How much you know about Search engine optimization?

Is search engine optimization is only a process or method in which you put your topic keywords in your website post and then publish this post. If yes then it is wrong. You continuously doing Common SEO mistakes in your blogging career. In the previous search if you search common SEO mistakes 2017 they are not fit for 2018 SEO policies.

I always hear different news from different new bloggers which blam that search engine optimization is the wrong field there is no way to make money and etc. But the main thing is common SEO mistakes to avoid for ranking. All these news because of lack of knowledge of search engine optimization of different new bloggers. The new bloggers always do worst SEO mistakes on their websites. You should always focus on seo things to avoid for ranking.

6 common seo mistakes

Basically, Search engine optimization is a wide field which gives you a path to optimize your website and make a lot of money online. You can make a lot of money online if you do not do Common SEO mistakes on your website. Before starting your career with blogging you need to learn what is search engine optimization and how to rank your website in Google and another search engines. And finally also need to learn what is Common SEO mistakes and how to avoid these types of mistakes. All these things are important to know without learning these things you never rank your website.

Due to lack of knowledge, many new bloggers do these Common SEO mistakes and lost an important part of ranking for their websites. They never get deserving positions for their blogs and website still having an attractive and unique content. At the end they disappointment and Quit or leave the blogging filed forever. But I think this is wrong to quit the blogging because nothing is impossible in the world all things are possible. Before leaving the blogging you should learn the main search engine optimization techniques and avoids Common SEO mistakes on your website or blogging.

Nothing to worry all things are easy to rank your website and get deserved rank in search engine optimization. And no need to search the queries on Google about Common SEO mistakes and how to Get deserved rank in Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Today I am going to give you a great news that I am going to post an important topic on search engine optimization by which you can get deserved rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other different search engines.

Therefore I am going to write a post on my website best Ideas to make money about six Common SEO mistakes by Beginners. If you want to get the best rank in Google and other search engines then keep reading the post until the end. I assure if you read and implement this post then you can get your website deserved rank and 50% traffic more on your website or blog. Ok, well let’s start our main topic by knowing that these six Common SEO mistakes which beginners make.

Six Common SEO mistakes

  1. Images without ALT Tag
  2. Too Long Titles
  3. focusing on Keyword Density
  4. Keyword Research Properly
  5. Ignoring Anchor Texts
  6. Power of Meta Description

common seo mistakes

These are the main and common mistakes which are mostly made by beginners if you can avoid these mistakes then you can get proper rank in different search engines. Now I am going to explain each of these mistakes steps by step and also try to give you tips how to avoid these six SEO mistakes when you are going to rank your websites. Ok, start with first once.

1.Images without ALT Tag

This is a first mistake which is made by maximum beginners and other bloggers. Because maximum new bloggers don’t know how 50% of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines comes from images. There are different types of users in the world some users search their required topic from search engine links and some of them access their required topic from images.

Therefore it is important to take care when we publishing our website or blog posts. When Google and other search engine crawler crawl your blog post then it not understand your post images because your blog post does not contain Images alt tag. This is a place where many new bloggers do the mistake they never put image alt tag in their blog post images. The reason is that they do not know the importance of image alt text. You know a search engine crawler always crawl your images with your image alt text tag.

Tip For Image Alt Tag 

As you know the importance of image alt text and also know how Google and another search engine. Therefore you must put image alt text in your blog post images. And you should just put keywords in your website post images alt text.

This is the main thing by which you can avoid by this search engine optimization mistake and also a way to get maximum traffic on your website.

2.Too Long Titles

Many new bloggers work hard always but never get their deserved rank in different search engines the reason is that they never avoid some basic SEO mistakes. Another common mistake is that maximum new blogger put the lengthy title in their post. They think that if they post lengthy title in their post then they can get higher rank in search engines optimization.

But every search engines like below 70 words title for each post, therefore, they want the minimum but to the point title for each post.

How to Avoid This Mistake

You should to search the meaningful title of your competitors and analyze that how they use different keywords in their posts title. When you analyze the competitor’s post title then you should make a useful title for your blog post which is maximum 70 words.

If you make 70-word title then it is a perfect title for your post because only 70 words are visible in search engine more than 70 words title words are hidden in search engine which never displays.

3.Not focusing on Keyword Density

When you are going to write a post on your blog then it is important to know that how much time you use your focus keyword in your post. Always maintain your keyword density from 2%- 4%.

4.Keyword Research Properly

Before writing the post you must make proper keyword research for your topic or for your post.

5.Ignoring Anchor Texts

You now anchor texts are the way which increases your website traffic but maximum new blogger leaves this and not put it in their post. So, you should use anchor texts in your post.

6.Power of Meta Description

The new blogger ignores the meta description but it is more important for your post and also for your rank in search engine. By this, you can get your deserved rank in different search engine.

meta description

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