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blogger to wordpress migration without losing google rank

Blogger to wordpress Migration without Losing Google Rankings

Blogger to WordPress Migration without Losing Google Rankings:

Hi, viewers today we learn Blogger to WordPress Migration without losing your data or your blog google ranking means blog Page authority, domain authority, page rank, trust flow etc. You can redirect blogger to WordPress or convert blogger theme to WordPress. But before switching from blogger to WordPress we need to know about differing between blogger and WordPress so let’s start:



What is Blogger: 

Blogger is a Google service which enables us to create our free website or simply, in other words, our personal blog.

Migrating Blogger to WordPress

Why blogger to WordPress migration:

Blogger to WordPress migration Is easy, as you know that blogger is a Google service for a free blog that’s why on blogger you never owned your blog which you design or make for yourself or you never change it on other hosting because you don’t have any authority to do this.

  1. In blogger services, you never move your site easily from one hosting to another hosting which is the biggest fall of blogger.
  2. Blogger services give you simply some numbers of templates of HTML and CSS you only apply these templates on your blog.
  3. You only change the simple layout of your blog and change colors only you can not create your own layout in blogger.
  4. All the authority in blogger owned by Google which is able to remove your blog anytime.
  5. About security, there is no worry because Google provides you the services of security in blogger.
  6. In blogger, there is no change in updating its services form an along time.
  7. For lack of updating in in blogger, there is also lack of extra features in blogger.

Noticing these falls you are unable to work on blogger for a long time there is need to migrate to another service or need to own our website so that we can work in a wide area with best features.

What is WordPress :

WordPress is a software which provides the services to create our own site free or purchasing a domain name and web hosting.

Blogger to WordPress Migration

Why Export blogger to WordPress :

As we know there is a lot of falls in blogger for our blog we need to migrate to other services for working on wide area with lot of features and ownership of our blog our we need make our own site which gives us all these features which blogger d’nt gives , there is wordpress.com which gives us all the features like ownership, domain name and hosting sites, free WordPress blogs, lot of free WordPress templates and many more .so lets see the WordPress.com features.

  1. WordPress.com gives us free blog services.
  2. WordPress.com provides blog ownership which blogger d’nt gives.
  3. There is a lot of free templates in wordPress.com services.
  4. You can easily manage layout and styles in wordPress.com
  5. Facilitate with a domain name and web hosting website like topearningtips.com, etc
  6. You can create your own layout and styles in wordPress.com services.
  7. There is repaid change in updating in WordPress.com, therefore, it gives a lot of new features every day.
  8. WordPress.com also gives the feature of easily managing metadata , like meta description, meta keyword, meta title.
  9. It gives a number of plugins which helps you in layout designing and search engine optimization.
  10. As blogger your website or your free blog will not remove by WordPress.com.

For all these best and helpful features, we need to work on WordPress.com by making our free WordPress blog, our WordPress website or migrating our blogger blog into WordPress website. In this post, our purpose is to migrate blogger to WordPress.com so let’s start how to do this.

How do I move my blog from Blogger to WordPress In 5 minutes :

Blogger to WordPress Migration

It is an easy method to Blogger to WordPress Migration web hosting site. There is no need to worry about your data loss or your blog google ranking when you converting a blog into WordPress website.I explain all the method of converting or migrating from blogger to WordPress site see below:

  1. First, you need to buy a web hosting from any company which gives you the services of web hosting.
  2. Secondly, you need to buy a domain name for your website.
  3. Now log into your web hosting account and then go to log into cpanel of your web hosting which you purchase.
  4. Log into your account on which you buy a domain name for your website if there is a difference in companies of web hosting and domain name then first change the domain name servers in domain name account.
  5. In this step log into blogger go to your blogger dashboard.
  6. Go to settings and click on other option and click on download backup button for downloading your blog back up.
  7. Now change your domain name server if you buy a domain name and web hosting from different networks.
  8. After changing domain name server go to your web hosting CPanel and next go to Addon domain.
  9. In your, CPanel click on Addon domain and here add your domain name which you buy for your website.
  10. When you add your domain to your web hosting CPanel then install WordPress which is also given in cpanel dashboard.
  11. Installing WordPress process select the protocol if you install SSL the select https://www.  if d’nt install SSL the select https://www.
  12. Also fill your site information like website title, website description, website keywords.
  13. Set your WordPress login details like password username contact email etc.
  14. After installing WordPress.com you need to log into website WordPress panel which you create now.

Here you go to the dashboard of WordPress then you first set the permalinks setting select that permalink option which is also on your blogger posts, means permalinks by post name, permalinks by date and set the last custom permalink option here gives the extension of .html because your blog is in HTML format.

Now go to tool option then go to import here select and install blogger plugin, select our backup file which you download from your blogger click on upload backup file now gives your author name and submit.

Congress your blog is now your own website with the domain name.

Apply any attractive WordPress theme and customize it for further settings.

By these above methods, you can easily migrate or switch from blogger to wordpress.com without loss of data and google ranking.

There are also many bloggers to WordPress migration service and blogger to WordPress plugin available on the internet. I hope you like my post which is helpful for this method.

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