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Amazon Affiliate A Right Way

9 Ways For How to become amazon affiliate

Many people start work on Amazon affiliate for making money online. They work hard like create website join. Amazon associate account and start promoting their site. After all this work they are able to make some an amount in a month.

amazon affiliate

But Tips or steps which I am going to share in my this article helps you to make a lot of money from Amazon affiliate. You can check amazon affiliate commission rate and also amazon affiliate program review before start working on this. Because I before sharing my this article I already work with these steps and make a lot of money from affiliate marketing with Amazon every and each month. You should join Amazon affiliates because it is the best platform I always recommend this one. If you are going to work on this first need to build Amazon affiliate sites. Let’s start my topic

What is Amazon?

Amazon is an online marketing company which allows people to buy products and also allows affiliate marketer to make money online by selling its product online through their affiliate marketing websites using Platform Amazon affiliate marketing. There are many Amazon affiliate sites on the Internet.

In other words, Amazon is a marketing or online sale purchase network, where everyone can buy a product and can make money online by selling of products. And you can check amazon affiliate earnings on daily bases. You can check amazon affiliate commission rate on their website easily.

How to Start Amazon Affiliate With Website

Before starting affiliate marketing on Amazon you must have a website for marketing. Therefore, first of all, create a website. Affiliate marketing websites are quite different from other normal websites because on affiliate marketing websites you are going to sell products, therefore, must choose sale type of niche for your website so that you can sell products easily. Further, they introduced amazon affiliate app for users. Everyone who wants to work on this domain can easily create an associate account if you are living in the UK then you can get amazon associates the UK easily.

amazon associates

Get Some Knowledge of HTML and CSS :

For Amazon affiliate through a website, there is most need to add and remove the products sometimes. And sometimes there is need to change image and price of the products therefore before starting this type of website you need to learn basic HTML and CSS. When you learn basic HTML and CSS then it is easy for you to make changes on your website when it requires.

You can check Here: Amazon affiliate app

Choose Your Niche :

Now there is need to choose or pick your niche from your website. Keep in mind you are going to sell products and services so only that type of niche which represents the products sale. And another thing which is to need to note that is that you must choose that niche for your products which you know well. Because the selection of well-known niche brings best ideas for marketing like if you know about latest males footwear fashion than at that stage only choose male footwear niche because you can easily define this than that of others.

Select Your Domain Name :

In third step here you should only choose the domain name of your Amazon affiliate website. In other words, you should give the name to your website by which peoples find you on the internet. Always choose or select a smart domain name for your website. Your search must be keyword base means only choose that keyword for your website which has a lot of average monthly searches and high CPC rate and lower keyword difficulty. When you choose your website domain name as a keyword base then the number of chances to find your website increased. Therefore only choose best and high cps keyword for your domain name.

Register Your Domain :

After selection of domain, you need to register your domain with any of domain name provider company. Like if you select a domain for health products e.g. besthealthproducts.com then you need to register this domain. For registration of your domain name, you can choose best domain name provider companies but they charge a lot of money than that of other companies. If afford expenses for this then that’s good otherwise you can choose cheap domain name providers that charge less amount of money for domain name registration like Goddady, Namecheap, and many more.

Setup Hosting For Your Website :

When you register or buy a domain name for Amazon affiliate then you should set up the web-hosting for your website. For setup web-hosting, you should search the cheap and trusted web-hosting providers so that they will charge a small amount of money for this. After searching the web-hosting providers companies check their web-hosting plans, web-hosting bandwidth, and security. When you do all these then setup your web-hosting by purchasing this from a company which you choose.

WordPress installation :

In the past, it is difficult to create or start a website because for creating your website there is need to learn minimum basic languages like PHP, HTML, CSS. But nowadays you can create your website easily by following few steps. You can check this helpful article How To Start a Website Step by Step Guide Free. But here I also tell you some basis for creating a website. First, you need a domain name and web-hosting after this only go to your web-hosting CPanel here you see an option with the name of Addon domain click on this and add your domain here. After this go back to CPanel homepage here select WordPress and fill the information and set your login details of WordPress and install the WordPress.

 WordPress installation

Now Your Site is Creating and live then go to WordPress them Customization and customize your WordPress theme. In WordPress theme option you can change your WordPress Theme. You Can also download WordPress Theme from google and Install it on your website.

In other cases, if you already have a blogging blogger then you can migrate this blog to WordPress website. For a Migrating blogger to WordPress website check this link How to Blogger to WordPress Migration.

Amazon Associate Sign up :

Completion of all above points and after the creation of your website you now this is the time to become amazon associate Account holder and now you are learning about how to become Amazon affiliate. It is so simple and easy. You can join Amazon associate only on one click. Yes, you can join Amazon associate simply clicks on the button at the bottom of the page of Amazon website home page. You can join Amazon associate account even you not have any of website content just having a website.

Build Your Amazon Build-A-Link Link. :

It easy to create a link with affiliate account ID built in.  Only Log in to Associates Central, and check the left navigation sidebar go to Build-A-Link, search Individual Items. After this, you should to Click and drag this onto your Links toolbar.

If You are a beginner you can check and get help this helpful article for Starting affiliate marketing or CPA marketing.

Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Site :

Now you can make money on Amazon affiliate via site so start creating your website posts. You can check Amazon affiliate commission from their website or app. After creating and publishing the website posts then the this is a real time to make money with Amazon affiliate site by promoting your content on different social media networks and by starting the campaigns. By all the above information you can work on Amazon affiliate program.

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